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Sheree Whitfield Talks Martell Holt- not paying her bills on time on RHOA Season 14 REUNION

During part 1 of RHOA season 14 reunion, things got a little " shady" as Sheree Whitfield was put on the hot seat.

Cohen asked Whitfield about allegations that she doesn't pay her bills on time-if ever

“Is that why your projects are delayed?” while reading a fan-submitted question referencing She By She Shereé’s 14-year delay.

Whitfield responded “Greatness takes time, I work at my own pace,” said Shereé during the #RHOA Reunion. “I don’t have to rush, I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. My main focus are my kids, my family. They weren’t fully grown for 14 years" she adds when Cohen noted that her children are grown adults

Whitfield was then asked whether she pays her bill on time

“I pay the people who need to be paid,” said Shereé.

“Do people who send you a bill, get payment for the bill?” asked Andy Cohen.

“It depends on what it is,” admitted Sheree to the other housewives

“If you’re not satisfied, it doesn’t absolve you of paying them,” adds co-star Kenya Moore.

Drew Sidora reminded Sheree that she is yet to still pay for the party they planned together

Whitfield discuss Relationship

Whitfield admits she was dissatisfied in the bedroom when asked about her ex Tyrone Gilliams

“Andy, I couldn’t take it no more,” said Shereé and also admitted that she believed Gilliams used her throughout their relationship

Further Cohen asked about her new relationship with Martell Holt “Enough about old news, let’s talk about the new news, what can you tell me about your new boo?”

Whitfield responded “He’s a nice guy,” they’ve been dating for a few months but they’re not exclusive. “I’m just having fun, we’re taking it day by day.”

Cohen asked a fan question regarding Martell's history of infidelity with ex-wife Melody Shari

“Why would you get with him after knowing what he did to his ex-wife?” asked Andy “Do you ignore red flags?” added Andy.

“I think we all ignore red flags,” said Shereé while Kenya confirmed the infidelity reports. “Watching the show I thought he was someone I would never ever want to talk to or definitely not date. Meeting him, of course, he’s an attractive guy but I’ve never been about looks" Sheree responded

"yea we've met Bob"Kenya Moore interjected

But getting to know him, he’s like a totally different person,” added Shereé.

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