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During The Real Housewives Of Atlanta season 14 reunion, Marlo Hampton breaks down while talking about her rough childhood in foster homes. Hampton opened up about her mother who struggled with drug abuse and also admitted that she hates to talk about her mother due to her rough childhood.

'I just need her. I feel every girl needs her mom or dad, and I don't think my mom gets it. She doesn't get it. She doesn't get it,' Marlo said after seeing a clip of her mother visiting her.

'My grandmother didn't know how to be a mom, so my mom went through a lot, but I want my mom sometimes I want her when I just have a bad day. If the girls make me mad, I would love to go talk to my mom, or I love when I see Mama Joyce, how she protects Kandi, or she'll get a attitude at me 'cause a mom should do that, and I just feel like I'm so by myself,' Hampton said referencing co-star Kandi Burruss and her protective relationship with her mother.

Cohen asked Hampton while crying about running away at age 10 and feeling worthless out of all her castmates

'What happened when you were ten?,' Andy asked.

'That's when I ran away from home, and then I went to five foster homes,' Marlo said.

Cohen continued to ask Hampton whether she ran away from home at such a young age because of her parents drug abuse

'It was because my mom had beat me so bad that day. And I went in the bathroom, and I bathed my little brother, and I told him I'll be back, and he was even mad with me for years 'cause he felt that I never came back for him, but I was 10, but I knew I was just tired of being beat,' Marlo said.

Hampton further reveals that she ran away to a Jamaican family who took her in from the church, but was abused again. Marlo recalls calling social work and went to a foster home in St. Petersburg, Florida. However, Hampton was told leave after she told police the household strict.

Hampton adds that she lived with a school teacher who kicked her out due to her daughter's feeling of not getting enough attention. Marlo said she became "mad at the world" and started getting into a lot of trouble trying to figure out life on her own

'What does it do to you as a kid to be in search of a home like that?,' Andy asked.

'I don't know, Andy. I don't know all the answers. I just know it hurts just trying to be someone and just constantly not being allowed in circles or people judging you 'cause of who you are or 'cause of your past,' Marlo responded.

Marlo referred to herself as an "iconic ex-con for sitting next to media mogul" to Cohen and her co-stars

'I cry and I hurt 'cause I want mommy sometime. I want a dad sometime,' Marlo said.

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