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Jackie Aina Under Backlash And Heavy Criticism

Jackie Aina, a Nigerian-American, YouTuber, beauty, and makeup guru is currently under backlash for using “Soro Soke” for her new candle fragrance collection. The slogan “Soro Soke” was associated with the police brutality of Nigerian civilians during the 2020 #Endsars movement. Soro Soke, in Yoruba, means “Speak up or Speak louder”.

Aina’s home goods brand FORVR Mood announced the new candle fragrance collection on August 4, 2022. The slogan “Soro Soke” was used for “aesthetics” for one of the candles in the “The Owambe Collection”

Social media users are calling out Aina and accusing her of promoting Nigerian culture only when it's convenient or profitable for her. According to SM users, the reason for their outrage was Aina’s silence and lack of public support during the October 20, 2020, #Endsars


Here are some responses from tweeter users ……

“Dear Non-Nigerians, The reason why this is receiving so much backlash is that Jackie Aina shamelessly named one of the candles It was one of the rallying cries during EndSars. But Jackie was notably silent during the protests.”

“Jackie aina only claims Nigeria when it’s of benefit to her pocket. They literally begged her to talk during endsars and the idiot said she would do a research.”

“The same Jackie Aina that blocked everyone who begged her to lend a voice to the #EndSARS protest is now playing Nigerian dress up party and trying to profit off the phrase that memorializes the unjust death and suffering of innocent Nigerians

You can’t make this shit up”

“Scented candles are supposed to give off comfort and amazing fragrance vibes. No one in the branding team told her that Soro Soke is far from comfort, it represents pain from EndSARS but I’m sure Jackie Aina thought oh it’s a Nigerian popping slang, a trend…Naija to the world 😭”

“She shouldn’t even need a branding team to tell her that. People got shot for goodness sakes and died! Like, even a teenager would feel very ambiguous about doing the same thing.”


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