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Davido Talks Tour and Donation

Nigerian singer Davido is touring the United States ahead of his upcoming performance on his new album “We Rise By Lifting Others” limited tour. While in New York, the singer stopped by The Daily Show to speak with the host, Trevor Noah.

During the interview with Trevor Noah, the singer discussed how he raised over $400,000) on social media after asking supporters and colleagues to donate money for his 29th birthday. As a cheerful giver, the singer also donated $113,000 from his own personal account to add to the rest of the donation bringing the total amount to $600,000. The singer gave the full donation to numerous orphanages across Nigeria.

The singer explained “I started calling famous people…I was like c’mon you know I made a hit song for you last year. I was like everybody that I have helped in one way or the other, that’s why this tour is called we rise by lifting others. I was scared it came up to $600,000 and at this point, I’m like can I keep this?”

Furthermore, Davido tells Trevor Noah that showcasing Africa was the sole reason for his American tour.

“I wanted to challenge myself. That’s why I did, ‘Stand Strong.’ Moving to the objective for his America Tour,

With the tour, “We rise by lifting others” it’s basically me not only bringing myself to America but also bringing everything else, African food, African fashion on the tour,

We are all wearing African designs, what I’m wearing was done by an African designer, Amakazbit. I’m only wearing African designers; I’m only eating African foods, I’m having African chefs coming, do food backstage. African dancers. So it’s not just me. So, we coming together, we rise and we taking everybody with us” the singer added”.


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